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In its 18th year, the Denise L. Nappier Money Conference for Women is a free conference presented by YWCA Hartford Region and the Connecticut State Treasurer’s office.  The overall program is designed to address the special challenges women face in their work and personal lives  and  focuses on money management, investment strategies and retirement planning for women of all ages, economic backgrounds and levels of financial knowledge.

Presenting Sponsor $20,000
Platinum Sponsor $10,000
Gold  Sponsor $7,500
Silver Sponsor  $5,000
Bronze Sponsor $2,500

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Why support this event?

  • Three out of four working women earn less than $30,000 per year
  • Women earn less and receive half the average pension benefits of men
  • Women live longer than men, requiring their money to last longer
  • Women have more sporadic work histories as a result of caring for children or elderly parents
  • 71% of the nation's 4 million elderly poor are women
  • Women tend to be more intimidated about financial issues, less informed about ways to secure their financial future and more conservative with investments

Who attends this event? (Demographics)

  • Approximately 300-400 women (and a few men)
  • Ages 18-75 (most 25-64)
  • Approximately 60% from Hartford County
  • Approximately 85% employed
  • Most have at least some college
  • Most household income $30k-$100k
  • Approximately 80% women of color
  • A little more than half did not have a financial plan for retirement before the event.
  • Approximately 40% had attended previously

Feedback from attendees of the 2018 Money Conference for Women:

  • 97% of attendees felt more comfortable making financial decisions
  • 97% reported that they were more knowledgeable about financial issues
  • 95% reported that information will make a difference in how they handle finances in the future
  • 100% reported that the conference was helpful
  • 100% of attendees gave speakers a rating of “good-excellent” based on their level of knowledge and ability to communicate ideas 
  • 90% of attendees rated the workshop resource materials “good-excellent” 


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