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About the Conference

This free conference is brought to you by YWCA Hartford Region in partnership with the Connecticut State Treasurer's office. The conferenceĀ is designed to address the special challenges women face in their work and personal lives and focuses on money management, investment strategies and retirement planning for women of all ages, economic backgrounds and levels of financial knowledge.

The conference features recognized leaders in the financial services industry who offer practical advice and tools to help participants design and implement an effective money management strategies



  • Three out of four working women earn less than $30,000 per year
  • Women earn less and receive half the average pension benefits of men
  • Women live longer than men, requiring their money to last longer
  • Women have more sporadic work histories as a result of caring for children or elderly parents
  • 71% of the nation's 4 million elderly poor are women
  • Women tend to be more intimidated about financial issues, less informed about ways to secure their financial future and are more conservative investors

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