2018 Financial Workshops

Attending the 2018 Money Conference for Women? You have the opportunity to take ONE workshop. Learn more about the workshops at this year's conference below. Haven't registered yet for the Money Conference? Registration is FREE and easy. 

2018 Workshops

  • First Time Home Ownership

    Learn the fundamentals of preparing for home ownership. This workshop will cover understanding your credit score in the loan process, what steps to take in applying for a mortgage, how to shop for the right mortgage lender, how to avoid predatory lenders and how to calculate monthly payments. How to talk to banks re: loans and financing; finding and managing affordable housing; credit and credit reports.

  • Investment Basics: A Guide to Your Investment Options

    Investing can be intimidating. Learn the basics, what to expect and how to choose the right investments for you! This workshop will equip you with the investing lingo and empower you with the tools necessary to get started. Stocks; Investment Strategies; Investments to lower taxes; choosing and using self-investment software; buying stocks and bonds.

  • Making Credit and Debt Work for You

    Understanding debt and the implications of your credit history can be overwhelming. This workshop will provide you with valuable information about managing your credit history, how to pull a copy of your credit report and understanding the information it contains. Advice is also provided on how to build a positive credit record, and disputing incorrect data on your report.

  • Pay Negotiation Techniques for Women

    Statistics on pay inequality. Wage disparity; Negotiating when seeking a new job or pay raise; Preparing for an interview.

  • Retirement Planning: A Reality Check

    Learn the truth about some of the most popular and misunderstood myths on preparing for retirement. This workshop explains important concepts and principles of creating retirement income including how much money you will need, social security, investments for retirement, the rules of withdrawing your retirement savings and working with financial adviser. Spending down for eligibility at 65; What needs to happen and when; Retirement savings; Retirement security (advanced version); Managing 401K or 403b.

  • Starting your Small Business: Making Your Dream a Reality

    Learn about some key issues small businesses face in the startup phase, like business planning, determining your vision and market, financial preparation and budgeting, sources of capital and more. We will discuss finding the right-fit business idea and model for you, and the importance of setting goal, planning and financial preparedness.

  • Women & Money: Taking Control of Your Financial Future

    This session will cover results and observations from Prudential’s research study “Financial Experiences and Behaviors Among Women” and provide an action plan for women to take control of their financial future.

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