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YWCA Hartford Statement on the Senseless Death of George Floyd

While news of the arrest of the police officer involved in the murder of George Floyd is a start, no amount of justice will erase the horror of something we cannot un-see and we cannot un-feel.  Now, we must give the benefit of the doubt to a justice system that has failed on more than one occasion to deliver justice. We offer our condolences and prayers to the family and friends of George Floyd in the hope that this time will be different. Time will tell.

YWCA Hartford Region shares the nation’s outrage at yet another senseless death at the hands of police officers sworn to serve and protect the community and its citizens.  We are deeply saddened to see that another black life did not matter to the man who committed this atrocity.  The level of cold-hearted depravity it took to commit this heinous act is unfathomable to many. But, it happened. Again. And this must stop NOW!

We stand in solidarity with our YWCA colleagues in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul communities, and throughout the nation, in rising up for justice and the end to racial hatred and indifference for human life.

Blatant and subtle forms of racism and bigotry have no place in our society. YWCA Hartford Region is committed to ensuring human decency and respect prevail. Our vision is to create unlimited opportunities in our community. Opportunities that instill racial, social and gender equity in all we do.

Today, we re-commit to building programs and services that place humanity at the forefront of our work. YWCA Hartford Region prides itself on being a multi-cultural organization with tireless advocates working every day to fight injustice.  We will not back away from difficult conversations and advocating for women, girls and families of color.  

This is the time to walk unapologetically in our mission of helping to build a strong community where peace, justice, and freedom reign. Now is the moment in our storied history for all of us to come together and commit to a world where racial and social justice is no longer just talked about; our actions must be stronger than our words.

YWCA Hartford Region CEO Adrienne W. Cochrane Appointed to City of Hartford COVID-19 Recovery Working Group

Adrienne W. Cochrane, CEO of YWCA Hartford Region, has been appointed by Hartford Mayor, Luke Bronin to serve on the Children, Youth, and Families Working Group as part of the city’s efforts to develop long term recovery plans from the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Bronin has established five COVID Recovery Working Groups to provide recommendations to help the city restart responsibly and build a more equitable and resilient community. The city anticipates initial recommendations from the working groups by the end of the month.

The Children, Youth, and Families group is one of five working groups, which will also focus on public health; economic opportunity and business; arts, culture, recreation, and faith; and housing. Ms. Cochrane will also serve on the Children, Youth, and Families sub-committee focused on Education and Early Learning.
Mayor Bronin has appointed community leaders to draw on the experience, expertise, and wisdom of a broad range of community members and stakeholders to safely re-open the city. “I am grateful to everyone who has agreed to participate in these working groups to help us move forward toward reopening and recovery in a responsible way,” said Mayor Luke Bronin. Mayor Bronin and City Council President Maly D. Rosado will serve as ex-officio members of each working group, and each working group will have two City Council representatives. The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving will also have representation on each of the working groups.

Ms. Cochrane serves on the state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Authority, as well as several boards, including Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Teach for America-Connecticut, and American Red Cross Connecticut and Rhode Island Chapters. She received her Doctorate of Juris Prudence from Saint Louis University School of Law and a master’s in Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Tuskegee University.

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