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Voter Information

Every vote counts! That’s why YWCA Hartford Region is encouraging everyone 18 years or older to vote in every election in their community. We believe change happens at the local level and you can do your part! Support us and your community by taking part in our Get Out the Vote initiative! We all play a role in empowering our community.

To receive additional information from the Secretary of the State’s Office, text: Voter to 474747.

Other Steps You Can Take Today!

1. Register to vote!

Scan the QR code or click here to get started.

If you are already registered to vote, check your voter registration to confirm it is still active. Make sure to update your registration if you have moved or if your name has changed since you last voted.

2. Get to know the election process in Connecticut

3. Make your plan to vote

Do you know where to vote?

4. Spread the word

Share information with your family and friends.

Together we can help build political power in our community and make sure women get to the polls and that our experiences and needs are valued, represented, and made a priority to those we elect to public office.

Make Your Vote Count! This is your voice. Your vote. Your future. #YWomenVote!