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Create a Community Without Racism

Eliminating racism is fundamental to YWCA Hartford Region’s mission. We believe the only way to succeed is to work together throughout the community to fight for racial and social justice and stand together against systemic racism.

Blatant and subtle forms of racism and bigotry have no place in our society. YWCA Hartford Region is committed to ensuring racial, social and gender equity prevail in all we do. Every day, we work to strengthen our community through providing mission-driven programs, organizing events, including Stand Against Racism, engaging local, state, and federal officials and community partners to raise awareness and build a community without racism.

Join Us Today! We Need You To Be Part of the Solution.

Here’s how you can help: Take the pledge to end systemic racism in our community.

YWCA Hartford Region Pledge:

Pledge to Create a Community Without Racism
Pledge to End Systemic Racism
  • Reduce racial inequities by supporting public policy solutions that promote racial and social equity in all aspects of life (health, economic, employment and education).
  • Educate myself and commit to ongoing education on the ways racial inequity impacts people of color in my community; participate in helping to combat systemic racism.
  • Talk about it. Challenge and correct racist ideas, actions and behaviors, even if means having uncomfortable and difficult conversations.
  • Support YWCA Hartford Region’s advocacy agenda, which focuses on ensuring public policy changes aimed at equity across a broad range of issues, including economic, health, education, and racial and social justice. Learn more about our Advocacy Priorities.
  • Sign up and stay connected with YWCA Hartford Region. Add me to your mailing list to learn more about the issues and how I can help advocate and stand against racism.
  • Join the Community Advocacy Committee today! You’ll be part of a community of ambassadors working together to ensure racial justice and gender equity for all!

Download a printable copy of the Pledge to Create a Community Without Racism.